Temporary Boyfriend

by The Fullerenes

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The Fullerenes were:
Ryan Arnholt
Steve Bekkala
Clint Hoagland
Kevin Krzyzanski
Bob Peplinski
Craig Peters


released June 1, 2002




The Fullerenes Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: Adrian
i met her at the mall
she brushed against me softly
i didn't know what to say
i fell in love
why does she have to know

friends think that I'm crazy
i've never even met you
late nights thinking about
what i should say
in my letter to you

adrian i know
other guys seem so unkind
expectations can't be met
when you won't even try
so i write to you
with my heart out on my shirtsleeve
i won't let you down

adrian i know
that you don't even know me
you may think this is strange
but just give me a chance
and i will prove to you

though we haven't met
i've watched you from a distance
just afraid to talk
have i said too much?

girl don't walk away now

i don't know what to say
what's done is surely done
the letter's on its way
please read it through
i've gushed my heart out

other guys may talk
but only i can make you laugh (you'll see)
i'm the one for you
and you're the one for me
we're a perfect match
true love waiting in the wings
but my problems seem severe
you don't even know my name
Track Name: Broken Down
pictured promises of the life I could have with you
it makes me stronger thinking about you

sxiteen candles burn every night and day away
she's just a lucky girl they say

what can i do
to steal one kiss from you
i swear my loneliness is killing me
where are you now that i am broken down?

can't make you love me cause i'm always out of sync
but I can change the way that you think
chances pass me, crazy girls ask me to pretend
sometimes curious how you did it again

what i see
isn't always what i get
i will be there
when your eyes say it
Track Name: Temporary Boyfriend
i think i'm in trouble again
oh no not another girl that i can't win
seems the more time i spend trying hard for another
leaves me high and dry with no will to recover

warning signs
came from the first flirt
my friends had all told me that this could hurt
the jury was out and then the verdict came in
i was sentenced to hard time and loneliness without her

i don't know what to say
she brought me to life's party and left me
her sinister smile - i should have known
she was too good for me
i was a temporary boyfriend

good little girls can be so hard to please
but i've learned what they really want is never me
true love is not nice, pain and hurt i've discovered
but i'm not quite ready to become a modern lover

tacticians wane and statisticians gawk
as prototype girl A, the new kid on the block
she blows them off in succession but i'm newly inclined
as i save her the effort
and dump myself this time

now i know what to say
no more girls can play games with my heart
my foolish days have all come and one
women beware, i'm a temporary boyfriend
Track Name: Had About Enough
aw babe, you never really know
how things can go so wrong
better put your hair up
better kick those shoes back on
i'm trying to tell you
i don't know why it's so
but the best part of breakin' up
is when we're breakin' up

word by word
i'm writing out a note
what do you think i wrote?
oh no no
i can't go
out with you for one more day
had about enough of your love babe

i can't hardly wait
for when the music ends
i can't stand to watch you
dancing with my friends
don't know how you do it
your limbo goes so low
it must be hard to dance
when you ain't got no soul

and you don't
and everybody knows
turn off your disco strobe
oh no no
i can't go
out with you for one more day
had about enough of your love babe

aw babe, whatcha gonna do
when love has gone away?
it's not something you can fix
with one cosmetic change
the clock is ticking
and still you're gonna rush
and when that time is gone
you can never make it up

here's a little song i wrote
it might catch in your throat
sing it note for note

oh no no
i can't go
out with you for one more day
had about enough of your love babe
wipe my kisses off your face
had about enough of your love babe