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Better Dating Through Technology

by The Fullerenes

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wiliam_ i wish more people gave it a listen Favorite track: Satan Is A Baby (That Lives In The Sun).
Dr. Mindflip
Dr. Mindflip thumbnail
Dr. Mindflip This album changed the way I looked at 'free' music on the internet many years ago - giving me an invigorated sense of hope and excitement about the quality of songwriting out there.
An overwhelmingly funny, sad, energetic and smart collection of nerdy, nuts rock music - full of nostalgia and high-school alienation. The lyrics are amazing throughout - have a read of World Wide Tag or Big Mistake. One of my favourite albums ever, I never grow tired of it. Favorite track: World Wide Tag.
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got caught passing notes to a certain girl that i didn't know the class went outside but i, of course, stayed behind three o clock came and i felt a hand in mine and the hand belonged to a certain girl i didn't know "it's friday," she said with a squeeze "no tagbacks you'll just have to wait all weekend and try again next week this way you'll be thinkin' 'bout me." i think she's it she thinks i'm it one last day of class one more hour to go one more book to sign something funny about the way she looked across at me while i wrote in hers so first i looked to see what she wrote in mine "if you go off to college we'll still stay together someday you'll come home and i'll love you forever i'll call you you'll call me if you leave a message i'll get back to you" now i'm pressing send for notes that she doesn't even read she's moving forward better dating through technology now i've been tagged forever she's never gonna be around i was waiting for the desktop sound but the desktop sound never came empty inbox, dial tone clinkin' jungle gym chain a lonely sound that's a lonely sound
Little Fits 03:01
oh, if it were up to me there's one place i would be and that's anywhere but here Just call me one unlucky stiff as a board that's bored to tears I know just what you're going to say you say it anyway all eloquence and no gist now it's just your beer and me and if you don't want us to leave you better quit bitching right now you read a couple books and you talk a lot of shit but you're twenty one years old and you're still sporting Hello Kitty now your secret's out nothing that some duct tape couldn't fix don't throw your pretty little fits don't bother talking with a pout if they're listening to you then they're feeling bad for me when you started talking the party started walking out please tell me your opinion your knowledge is comprehensive please dress me i don't know how oh if it were up to you i think i know what you'd do as long and loud as you can you're a walking pain in the brainpan a profane obscenity a crime against humanity kisses talk from mouth to mouth everybody wants you out you're the one we're gonna miss but only if you don't come back you got your precious little facts so you better start twistin' right now i can almost see the rumors getting started what goes in is coming out you dumb it down you sink a little lower and we realize very little fits inside a pretty little head like yours
i try to word it out how can i ask this beautiful girl out i got no papers so i can not drive you say i can not touch that dress 'til i pass that test but my hearts in unrest because the secretary of state has it out for me all my friends got their license in the 10th grade social classes are decided based on asses at the secretary of state she won't go out with me 'til i get my driving degree it's me versus everybody and she says she can't date a nobody would she say yes? i don't know but one thing's gotta go: the secretary of state sometimes it's hard facing life when you can't drive i needed 47 on the test but i pulled a 45 ugly guy's taking passes at my woman cuz he's got a car nice guys finish last with a huffy i'll never get far first base is so far away i'll pass that test someday right on red i don't know but one thing is stopping my flow
Abigail 02:57
i know from broken hearts abigail where you been going where've you been? if i heard it all knew everything how much longer would you be my baby then? i've got a feeling that i'm not the only one and it isn't just me that gets the benefits of wrongs you've done oh someone doesn't know about the rules of war and even less what to do about peace i'm a little bit smaller than i was before so i guess you took away a piece of me abigail, you've been wasting my time i'm not gonna share you with another guy and i hope there's only one girl in the world like abigail you got weak betting game you doubled down you couldn't keep steady now you're spread too thin if it's boys-vs-girls now it's two-on-one oh abigail, don't you know anything? you can tell a little lie but not a little truth and there isn't much space between a loose lip and a loose tooth now there's one more thing i would like i'd like to see you give it one more try try to come up with one more perfect lie that bundles and excuses all the other lies 'i loved you both, at the same time' it won't take you long to find yourself another fool as for your two-timing i'm taking out the two (and putting bitch into obituary) i know another sucker gets born every day they gather like flies around a pheromone spray but i hope there's only one girl in the world like abigail
Madeleine 03:55
if i could take back all the things i said i know i'd just screw it up all over again the last thing i said has been in the air too long and that's lended it an importance i never intended now my meaning is as dead as the air so we scrutinize each other in silence losing you with every breath madeleine i must have been crazy to think i could say what i want to madeleine i don't think you knew what i was saying when i stopped talking i had it all worked out in my head and now i wonder where it all went dropped the ball again now all our friends left us alone again they took their conversation with them i turn the radio up too loud you turn it down and the fireworks go off in my head you watch and you patiently wait as i calculate the distance between us hyperconscious of the placement of hands i'm rememberin' seeing you in the flicker of a tv screen i'm rememberin' seeing you in the glow of a domelight you whisper that you want me to stay i whisper that i'd better go cause what if something happened between us? god, what if nothing did?
Equations 03:10
so you've got equations and you say you've been at it all night thinking about thermodynamics we should all go out and play in the traffic because the world's total love is finite and static who ever gets what they deserve? a girl for every boy and a boy for every girl i said the first law doesn't apply to physical attractions baby so tell me how come we always hesitate and never take action when both parties benefit from every transaction? you said: 'enough just isn't enough' now you're taking the fifth and i'm taking the short bus i go out with you and return diminished i haven't begun you say i'm already finished so you've got equations and you've done all the math but you're thinking too hard you're too clever by half this doesn't have to be a brainteaser drama baby you know it's just simple economics
Tired 03:25
Anna 03:48
all the words and notes you wrote punk rock girl distract me like no other your new conversation piece who's kissing who you know i'm gonna see you you dialed in just like me to address another question my angel gagged and tied responds with broken hearted diction i've been surfin' on infoseek and lycos doin searches for publicity photos running from the sun didn't get you very far but in a more perfect world you'd be a really big star anna anna i keep hearing your voice i don't know where you are anna oh no you're rocking too soft i'm crushing too hard anna anna that's her name you spell it backwards it's spelled the same a-na-na-na-na-na awake from paid programming dreams look at me with certain groggy styles mister tell me if i'm wrong is that lip gloss on that doggy smile mapquest lost your last address webpage ain't seen updates in a while we learned our geography from minnesota to long island i've been pleading no more gothic sex visions sick of reading pop culture vivisections needy teens go out and make noise boys singing 'bout girls girls singing 'bout boys it's night come out wherever you are anna rockstar silently in the back of my mind one summer night
i got no mouth but i must scream and poe himself never felt the horror i'm seeing on my tv... is it me? or are strange forces at work underground? there's a purple guy up on the screen he's dancing around his favorites things are: his handbag and great big hugs tinky winky love i would not want tinky winky love satan is a baby that lives in the sun satan is a baby that lives in the sun a call goes out to an astroturf hut shooting stars from a windmill strange men feel it all in their guts it's us they see on their tummy tvs how will i know when they're watching me? an unhappy man in candyland does he work for them or his he starting a new-new world order where we clean their rooms and we live in vacuums we roll our eyes at the happy tunes satan is a baby that lives in the sun satan is a baby that lives in the sun and if that baby gets his way we'll have new ways to communicate they hatch their evil plans and then they do it again do it again do it again they never go to bed on time they get up and they do it again do it again they do it again the british invasion bred a nation of halfwits what do bunny rabbits have to do with it? what i do know is: they love kids and kids love them and if kids love them i fear the kids so i asked my teacher and my teacher said satan is a baby that lives in the sun
GEO 03:00
i wish she'd say she likes my car she's gonna know it sucks by far little geo won't get me rollin to the bar won't go pasty fifty won't get very far my little geo i got it wholesale from my folks i raced a soapbox and got smoked be nice and please keep your little comments to yourself i wish i'd bought with a little more thought i was thinkin it was pure gold but i can see now that it's not little geo don't represent in the express lane or in the snow roll em up shut it down write it up sell it off geo's gotta go 50 on the freeway 40 in the city 15 quarts of castrol monthly you know that that's shittacious engine goblins gnawin holes in my geo pull up get out i'm parked by the road she sees my car trimmed in turquoise and gold bondo at each seam the upholstery smells of mold she says its nifty and now that car is sold her little geo
Blizzard 02:56
hey everybody feelin' down cuz it's snowy an cold? the fullerenes are here we're gonna talk about a few things you can do in a blizzard (brr it's cold) quit complainin there's no school today get bundled up tight put on your mittens and boots put your snow pants on and go shoop shoop shoop shoop get your butt out there this is packing snow we'll keep it clean in the snowball fight then we'll get down and dirty when we're back inside it don't even matter if the ground's all white we can dance all night without goin' outside i can think of one or two things you and i can do in a blizzard brr it's cold out there we're getting pretty chilly in our scarves and sweaters but it makes the swiss miss just that much better that's right i'm talking about cocoa with tiny little marshmallows later on we can lie around the house we can hold each other close while the snow comes whispering down down down down down down down i'm a snowman and you can be my snowgirl and when the springtime comes i'll stop the world and melt with you baby the temperature's droppin we'll make a snowfort that's built for two we'll cuddle up inside just me and you
Speed Wayne! 03:21
here's a song that may ease your mind if you need to get back from lunch on time if you need a good fast burger let me introduce you to my coworker on old 21 there's a place to go on lapeer rd everybody knows the kids are tellin' their mothers that some pattyflippers are better than others any size of meal any time of day whatever you want you can have it your way way more than your brother can eat half the wait and double the meat speed wayne you check for pink before wolfing it down hey these patties are an even brown tell your kid sister not to fret this grub is as good as it gets the little league bus pulls in from the rain now all the dads are here to complain wayne says pray for death speed wayne
are you the one that owes explanations ask me your questions even though it's tough to fill in the blanks am i gonna match you word for word across my heart and down on the page oh baby are you gonna keep me guessin forever why why why do make me wait i wanna be rosemary's baby rosemary i can't seem to get it across to you read all about it on every newsstand some guy got hanged man erased the shade out of his arms and his legs midwestern think tanks shrink from any puzzle you're putting out i think you're really getting pretty obscure as of lately you're loud and clear to me but they don't know what you're talking about strategies for playing bridge are these pictures different and in what ways art clipping tips and filling white space i'm working on you and you're working on the fun page saggitarius pencil me in because i heard about a snowstorm on the day of your birth i'm not a devil child, just a 4-letter word for a boy in a jumble in the middle of a word search rosemary i wanna be the guy that takes the white out of your crossword
picture a sheet, a big big rubber sheet the earth's in the middle everybody's on top thus the earth can influence the way we drop they think they're pretty great they think their theory's something special electromagnetism, the strong force and the weak but the single most famous force is the one that's not don't worry we won't shoot off into space don't worry i asked you to stay but your mass made you weight all i need is the air that i breathe and it's stuck to the world via earth's gravitational pull 9.8 meters/second squared is the rate of gravity's acceleration and that's true from the blue whale to rickettsia (rickettsia is the world's smallest living organism) on my TI-85 i did a foot-conversion calculation got 32.152166 (6666667) gravity's action is proportional to mass but its counterpart inertia is proportional to mass, too the rate is a constant and we can see that clearly and since its cause is geometric it's never going to stop so you never have to wonder if people will shoot off into space like jobeth williams and timothy leary
Andrea 03:51
when i was only a freshman in college i met this girl at a friend's place we walked in a group to a party she was boppin' to a song i can't recall when i asked my friend adam if he thought i should ask her to dance what he said guess it couldn't have been too good because i told her our home was bone instead wanted to ask all kinds of questions i didn't know how i kept forgetting her first name but i remember it now it's andrea andrea she thinks she's old because she's seven weeks older than me she thinks it's cold outside when it's sixty five degrees she listens to the oldies station she's everybody's mom and every little thing i learn about her is everything i want there's only one girl that could make me brave enough to talk to the one girl that makes me brave enough to talk to the one girl that makes me brave andrea you're too cold andrea i'm too warm i don't mind - turn the heat up if you don't mind i'll turn the fan on i'm so glad you love me 'cause i'm in love with you too we can drink root beer floats and watch movies together we can suffer through grad school i mean have fun through grad school i mean have fun forever andrea i've got an important question for you
i've got a friend mickey is his name he takes me out at night he takes all the blame he makes me say all the wrong things and he makes me do what i don't want to but i know i know i know he's better than reality so the choice is clear as you can see he's got a hold on me mickey's got a hold on me 'this sense of immortality is temporary' says this half-full bottle now in front of me perception is the next to go with him he brings my self esteem but he'll be back around again when i get more inside of me i don't know what the label shows but mickey's all the proof that i need and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that mickey's got a hold on me i went out just the other night i got drunk and i got in a fight mickey and me, we make a good team i love him and he comes in a bottle he's got a hold on me mickey's got a hold on me another night spent lonely drinking til my 40's dry thinking about the sentimental side of me my nonexistent tapestry is hindering my game and chemistry my roommate sucks my tape is duct i owe my best friend forty bucks
Big Mistake 03:09
do you feel the need to talk to fill up space just run your mouth if i had anything to say i would have already it's too late you tried too hard we went too far don't talk i couldn't even answer if you asked where we are where reach exceeds grasp i can't relax around you anymore i didn't ask you for this i don't believe in second chances every kiss is a kiss goodbye it's too late you tried too hard we went too far goodbye we can't say we didn't try so please don't come around here anymore i can't relax around you anymore big, big mistake i can't relax


The Fullerenes were:
Ryan Arnholt
Steve Bekkala
Clint Hoagland
Kevin Krzyzanski
Bob Peplinski
Craig Peters


released June 1, 2000




The Fullerenes Ann Arbor, Michigan

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