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this song goes out
to all the good smelling girls
with the cool sounding names
do you even know
how very attractive you and your friends
have been to me
you girls all travel in packs
and intimidate while you attract

with dead on reckoning
you size up the room
assign levels of utility
and i'm not gonna make any points with you
i'm never going to be a prize in your game
but a guy's gotta hope just the same
a bed of strings
a half time frame rate

don't you know all the prettiest girls sit together
and i sit two rows back so i can see better
oh you might know my name
but you don't know who i am
and you laugh at my jokes
but you don't understand
i'm shy around girls
and try as i can
i can't separate you from your glamour

this song goes out
to the girls with the walks rehearsed
you walk on by, my conversation stops
and i get myself an eyeful
some sights are flintstone pills
and some go down easier still

parties with bad ratios
we instinctively know
which of us has potential
which of us has a chance of going home with you
and which is best for conversation
if you're looking for fat free affection
why are you always sticking with confections

who among us would not like to be brandon walsh
and have his furrowed brow and perfect curls
who among us would not like to live on spelling television
and have such delectable choices
this song goes out to the lovely ladies with the cute asthmatic voices
there ain't a place that i can go
there ain't a place anywhere in the world
that's free from beautiful girls
god save me from beautiful girls


from The Fullerenes Talk Serious About Luv, released September 1, 1998




The Fullerenes Ann Arbor, Michigan

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