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i met her at the mall
she brushed against me softly
i didn't know what to say
i fell in love
why does she have to know

friends think that I'm crazy
i've never even met you
late nights thinking about
what i should say
in my letter to you

adrian i know
other guys seem so unkind
expectations can't be met
when you won't even try
so i write to you
with my heart out on my shirtsleeve
i won't let you down

adrian i know
that you don't even know me
you may think this is strange
but just give me a chance
and i will prove to you

though we haven't met
i've watched you from a distance
just afraid to talk
have i said too much?

girl don't walk away now

i don't know what to say
what's done is surely done
the letter's on its way
please read it through
i've gushed my heart out

other guys may talk
but only i can make you laugh (you'll see)
i'm the one for you
and you're the one for me
we're a perfect match
true love waiting in the wings
but my problems seem severe
you don't even know my name


from Temporary Boyfriend, released June 1, 2002




The Fullerenes Ann Arbor, Michigan

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